Zhang Yunlong was elected 2016 National Excellent Chief Information Officer

Recently, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai Mineral Equipment Co., Ltd., has been awarded “2016 National Excellent Chief Information Officer” and “2016 Shandong Province, excellent chief information officer”, which not only represents the industry Xinhai mineral equipment for many years e-commerce development results A high degree of recognition, but also means that Xinhai will be installed on a higher stage for the transformation of the manufacturing sector and the local Internet to make more contributions to economic development.


Mr. Zhang Yunlong combined with the practice of Xinhai Mineral equipment experience, the Chinese heavy industry manufacturing enterprises in the process of transformation of the Internet to solve the main problems, summed up in three aspects:


First, to understand the business thinking of the information age. The information age is based on information and intelligence, they provide not new ideas and new models, but new methods, new tools and new work habits. For the heavy manufacturing enterprises, the information age is still the core of research and development, production, marketing, management, and the essence of the Internet transformation is the use of information and intelligent these two new tools, targeted to improve their own R & , Marketing and management. This is the information age manufacturing business thinking, neither flashy, the number of changes in the “model innovation”, do not need endless media speculation and capital competition.


Second, learn and master new tools. Looking back over the past two decades, the information age has brought a lot of new methods and new tools for the heavy manufacturing enterprises, which profoundly changed the working methods and habits in the industry: the research and development, simulation software and large data computing brought a lot of surprises; Production, the sensor and intelligent terminal technology to lead the Internet of Things revolution; marketing, both search engines, B2B, SNS brings new marketing channels, but also 3D, VR technology and mobile terminals bring more flexible rich display means; , ERP, SCM, CRM and other software systems to bring more convenience, large data analysis more strategic decision-making provides an accurate basis. Admittedly, learning and mastering such a wide variety of new tools requires a lot of money and manpower, but every investment is worth it.


Third, the establishment of enterprise requirements to keep up with the times system. As mentioned above, enterprises in the information age is still the core of R & D, production, marketing, management, in order to ensure the stability of these areas of operation, we need to establish a set of enterprises to keep up with the requirements of the enterprise system. As we all know, the core business and working methods determine the internal operational processes, the process requires the appropriate organizational structure and team to perform, the team needs to use the system to regulate the norms, therefore, new methods and new tools are widely used today, The need for targeted business processes, teams, systems to improve.


For many heavy manufacturing enterprises, these three problems are not experienced or even thought, need to be determined to “touch the stones across the river”, which can imagine the difficulties. For this reason, Xinhai Minmetals hopes to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation with more enterprises in the industry, and share with them the Internet transformation experience accumulated over the past five years to help enterprises in need to complete the Internet transformation in a fast and smooth manner. We believe that the efforts of the Xinhai people, Xinhai ore equipment will take up the “National Outstanding Chief Information Officer” should have the responsibility, not only to achieve more results, but also for the manufacturing industry in Yantai Internet transformation and Local economic development and make more contributions.