Xinhai mine targeting the Middle East market “along the way” to bring development opportunities

Xinhai Mineral Equipment Co., Ltd. announced that its office in Tehran, Iran officially put into operation, the move aimed at “with all the way” to bring the policy dividend, to play their own technical and service advantages, to expand in the Middle East mining engineering and service market influence . Previously, Xinhai mineral equipment has been through the “Internet Marketing” in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia and other overseas markets a firm foothold, the establishment of the Iranian office to further expand its overseas market.


Xinhai ore into Iran to represent the Middle East market is out of four considerations:


First of all, Xinhai its own business expansion and market development needs. After years of operation, Xinhai Mine has been in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other overseas markets a firm foothold, have enough spare capacity to carry out the next round of business expansion and market expansion, for their own broader space for development.


Secondly, Iran’s huge mining development potential. Iran is one of the richest countries in the world, with proven mineral reserves of 570 billion tons, or 3 percent of the world’s total. As a market with great potential in the mineral sector, Iran attracts a lot of business opportunities from the top leading mining companies in the world.


Once again, the Chinese government “along the way” strategy to bring policy dividends. Iran is an extremely important link in the construction of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” or “Silk Road on the Sea”. Along with the implementation of the policy of “all the way along the road”, bilateral trade between China and Iran Will be more convenient, preferential policies will be gradually introduced, the Xinhai Mineral equipment will benefit from the Middle East strategy.


Finally, Xinhai targeted technology research and development and accumulation. Iran’s mineral development has great potential, but limited by the local natural environment and social development, how to “water-saving, energy saving, emission reduction” while ensuring production and recovery, has always been Iran’s mining industry can not avoid the problem. However, Xinhai has encountered similar problems in African countries such as Sudan, and has actively and effectively addressed these issues through technical research and development, which will also apply to the Middle East region represented by Iran. Xinhai ore is bound to the advantage.