What are the mineral processing equipment

Hematite mainly composed of ferric oxide, iron will often be aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other elements of isomorphism phase substituted, in accordance with the composition can be divided into water hematite, magnesium hematite, hematite aluminum, titanium hematite type. As one of the main raw materials of iron making industry, hematite is also the largest selection of iron ore processing plant. Great difference exist between the different regions of hematite ore properties, so different mining beneficiation processes are not the same. On this common magnetic flotation flowsheet for example, hematite ore dressing equipment were briefly introduced.


Hematite magnetic flotation process mainly include crushing, grinding, classification, magnetic separation, flotation process, some of the selected plant before flotation also introduce reclassifier, to remove the associated hematite slime. Broken, conventional concentrator crushing process is divided into coarse crushing, crushing, fine crushing, and before and after the finely homework to the need to set up pre check screening or control screening, crushing equipment mainly include jaw crusher, cycle crusher, crushing equipment is mainly jaw crusher, cone crusher, fine crushing equipment often used all kinds of cone crusher, and sieve extension of circular vibration sieve or linear vibrating screen. Broken to the appropriate size of the ore sent to the grinding mill, in the ball mill in the use of continuous impact and grinding steel ball, making the ore useful minerals fully monomer dissociation, to prepare for the subsequent election process. Hematite in the production of grinding ore operations usually adopts two stage grinding, due to lattice type ball mill discharging speed, uniform product size, too less grinding, commonly used in hematite a grinding, overflow type ball mill product fine granularity, long used in the second stage grinding. Because the ball mill has no control on the size of its own products, in order to ensure the size of the grinding products to meet the needs of the election, usually in a ball mill and hydrocyclone closed-circuit constituting the job. Hematite is a kind of magnetic minerals, usually used in the selection of strong magnetic separator, the weak magnetic separation machine, in order to remove the non magnetic particles in the ore. The most typically used in the production of hematite ore strong magnetic separator for vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, weak magnetic separation equipment mainly for concurrent flow, countercurrent, semi countercurrent separation machine. Hematite ore, the commonly used industrial raw material for iron making, with certain magnetism, therefore mostly choose hematite don’t process contains magnetic link.


According to anhydrous medium in the magnetic separation of hematite for dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic separation, plant dry separation equipment of hematite mainly magnetic roller and dry permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separation machine products, wet magnetic separation equipment are mainly vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, wet permanent magnet drum type magnetic separation machine. Due to the content in the smelting process of sulfur in feedstock, phosphorus, silicon and other elements have specific requirements, so after the magnetic separation is usually used means of flotation to remove all kinds of harmful impurities, hematite flotation equipment mainly SF type mechanical agitation type flotation machine, JJF mechanical agitation type flotation machine, the BF type mechanical agitation type flotation machine.


After the flotation concentrate by dehydration of concentration, filtering and other processing to get final iron concentrate, Xinhai is domestic professional processing machinery manufacturing, beneficiation process design firms, such as there is a need, please contact us.