The mining industry monthly high profit growth and innovation

The national bureau of statistics recently released the latest data show that 1 ~ 10 months of this year, the national industrial enterprises above designated size total profit of 5.25677 trillion yuan, up 8.6% from a year earlier, grow faster than September 1 ~ 0.2%. 1 ~ 10 months, mining (above designated size, similarly hereinafter) total profit of 113.8 billion yuan, down 48.5% year-on-year.


Data show that 1 ~ 10 months in 41 industry categories, 29 total industry profits rose, 12. Among them, 2 in the mining industry segment year-on-year growth and the growth rate is 1 ~ 9 months, three industry segment fell (from January to September 2 at a narrow, expand a decline). Coal mining and washing industry profit of 57.31 billion yuan, up 112.9% year on year, expanding 47.8%; Oil and gas industry – 37.77 billion yuan, the total profits fell by 141.6%, 2.4% decline narrowed; Ferrous metal CaiXuanYe total profit of 31.75 billion yuan, down 13.9% year-on-year, decline narrowed 6.1%; Non-ferrous metal CaiXuanYe total profit of 36.64 billion yuan, up 6.2% from a year earlier, the expansion of 1%; Non-metallic mineral CaiXuanYe total profit of 30.44 billion yuan, fell 1.6% year on year, a drop to expand by 1.1%.The data also show that 1 ~ 10 months, the mining industry’s main business income is 3.92265 trillion yuan, fell 7.4% year on year, from January to September decline than narrowed 1.1%.


In addition, from one month to open, mining high profit growth and innovation. Year-on-year growth of 86.6% in October, the mining industry profit, growth than speed up 56.3% in September. Among them, the coal mining and washing industry add a profit of 16.56 billion yuan, compared with the 5.61 billion yuan more than in September.


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