“Sustainable mining action plan” officially launched in Beijing

On November 22, by the CCCMC (CCCMC), the UK’s department for international development (DFID) and German international cooperation agency (GIZ) of the social responsibility to guide Chinese foreign mining investment industry implementation of the project – “sustainable mining plan” started in Beijing.


The project is in the British government signed the memorandum of cooperation for sustainable development of the first British cooperation under the framework of new project and German international cooperation agency dialogue is an important project of sustainable development, emerging markets by the government, enterprises and international agencies, ngos and local communities of stakeholder cooperation, to promote the sustainable development of Chinese overseas mining investment.


Through sufficient investigation, research and analysis, minmetals chamber of commerce and the Germany international cooperation agency under the state council in conjunction with the domain experts, jointly compiled the social responsibility of the foreign mining investment field project work plan (sustainable mining action plan), and access to the UK’s department for international development of the main financial support, to ensure that in the next three years, “the guide” in the field of Chinese overseas mining investment continued, standardized and effective implementation of the ground. Sustainable mining action plan will be through the network construction, the enhancement, development “the guide” esteemed auxiliary materials, capacity building, tool development, assumed responsibility for evaluation, best practices, image transmission module contains eight work 25 to implement action, through the implementation of the next three years, hope to achieve 100 overseas mining investment projects to the “guidance”, 20 of which can be implemented in terms of corporate social responsibility and thoroughly quantifiable performance improvement. These improvements for investment and employment of the host countries, better employment conditions, reduce the environmental impact and increase government revenues to bring positive influence.

 In order to ensure the effective implementation of the project, the project was established by the ministry of commerce and Germany, the UK’s department for international development, minmetals chamber of commerce to co-chair the strategic guidance of the international cooperation agency commission, macroscopic and strategic guidance to the project. At the same time, also formed by the area’s top project expert guidance committee of experts at home and abroad, common professional guidance to the implementation of the “guidance” and introduce the experience to the project.