Seize the “Internet +” initiative to achieve cross-border upgrading Xinhai mineral equipment

Operating costs, profitability weakened, investment growth instability, business difficulties …in recent years by the global economic slowdown and many other factors, which become a common problem in the traditional manufacturing industry. Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd. Located in Yantai Fushan is in the tide of the market, in the face of unfavorable situation, take precautions to actively explore and take advantage of “Internet +” successfully realized trans – fusion and transformation and upgrading.


Footprints all over 6 continents more than 40 countries


In Yantai, if the “influential international machinery manufacturing enterprises TOP10”, “Xinhai mineral loading” absolutely able to top three. This deep mining machinery 20 years of enterprise groups, business tentacles already stretched around the world, 400 props propped up into the 150 million yuan of large enterprise groups.Xinhai mine installed the predecessor of Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1997, mainly engaged in a single mechanical equipment manufacturing. Since 2011, the global mining market has been in the doldrums, and the mining equipment manufacturing and service industry serving the mining industry is also faced with the situation of declining operating income, decreasing profits, overcapacity and underemployment. How to subvert the traditional business thinking and development model, and actively transformation and upgrading, is a problem facing Xinhai.


At the same time, the state vigorously promote the Chinese equipment to go out and promote international capacity cooperation, Xinhai actively seeking “sea” model, good domestic production and foreign markets docking, active layout “along the way” along the country, and gradually embarked on a mine To provide a total integrated contracting mode of service, to provide mineral processing test, mine design, equipment customization, installation and commissioning, workers training, production and other aspects of production standards of one-stop service. Now, as a leading mineral processing service provider in China, Xinhai has completed more than 500 mineral processing projects in the world, covering six continents, mainly in Peru, Chile, Mongolia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Vietnam and Vietnam. , Indonesia and more than 40 countries.


Private mine custom, Institute of stone into gold


Beneficiation test is the first part of the total mineral processing package, completed by the Xinhai Mining Research Institute. Here, the technical staff can conduct more than 70 kinds of minerals mineral processing test for the customer to provide a reasonable processing technology and professional dressing test report, and then by Xinhai Mining Design and Research Institute of more than 100 professionals responsible for the beneficiation process can be turned into Implementation of the program.


Taking Advantage of “Internet +” Strategy to Expand Marketing


In 2012, Xinhai began to take the lead in using the “Internet +” mode of thinking to conduct e-commerce sales, set up e-commerce and international sales center, with the “Internet + plant overall service” thinking operation of traditional mining machinery manufacturing industry and overseas Companies, offices and sales representatives in the form of overseas marketing strategy, and vigorously expand overseas markets, while increasing investment in the Internet at the same time, set up offices overseas to strengthen the line of services.


At present this enterprise “overseas strategy” part, the main push “Internet + dressing overall service” ideas, online and offline marketing dimension. Xinhai in the internal equipment, there is such an innovation, that is, the establishment of a “submit ideas → small team try to improve the optimization of large-scale promotion” test and incubation of new projects. Enterprise groups as backing, to encourage employees to form a set of marketing and promotion in a “commando”, the global mining enterprises can always common “Xinhai people” figure.

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