One Large Scale Use of Magnetic Separation

Iron, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tungsten, gold and other minerals have the advantage of bulk metal forming type mineralization super large-scale deposits. Therefore, the high efficiency of mineral processing equipment mining machinery industry development is the top priority of many mineral processing equipment companies a lot of money into high-efficiency energy technology innovation Xinjiang beneficiation.


Magnetic separation beneficiation is a widely used method. All lean magnetite ore by weak magnetic field magnetic separation process. Applications generally cylindrical permanent magnetic separator Sec sorting; discard the first paragraph in the part of the gangue minerals roughing, the resulting crude concentrate regrinding re-election. By magnetite ore after crushing, magnetic pulleys can also be used to exclude pre-mining massive gangue and when mixed in the surrounding rock. Weak magnetic hematite ore sorting directly with a strong magnetic field magnetic separator; magnetic or after roasting, with weak magnetic separator sorting. Most manganese ore and wolframite are available strong magnetic separator sorting.


In recent years, with the multi-pole induction magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator and a superconducting magnetic separator have emerged, not only to provide an effective means of fine particles and micro-fine particles weakly magnetic minerals beneficiation, magnetic separator and so gradually get rid of the limitations of the existing law, in more areas in the applications. High gradient magnetic separator technology has been used in addition to the kaolin industry, but also for sorting hematite, aspects of pulverized coal desulfurization, non-metallic impurity, such as sewage treatment.


Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator magnetic field rotation points, fixed two mechanisms.


Stationary permanent magnet drum magnetic separator machine is suitable for wet sorting weak magnetic fine particles of ferromagnetic material, or remove non-magnetic minerals in the strong magnetic minerals, when the slurry flows into the magnetic field region, where strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed round cylindrical surface, weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are divided excluded after the election, while adsorbed on a cylindrical surface of the ferromagnetic minerals with a rotating cylinder was taken out of the magnetic field region.


Rotary Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator is suitable for fine strong (Strong) Dry magnetic minerals due to the role of high-speed rotation, the magnetic roll number of the magnetic particles is much higher than ordinary magnetic separator, which for the magnetic ring broken reunion, improve bonanza than a significant effect, after the separation of minerals by separation into two kinds of non-magnetic material and a magnetic material, the aircraft were discharged from the respective discharge mouth for ore particle size of 0.6-6mm and roughing Featured.


The current permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator has been used in the country, has been a lot of iron beneficiation user acceptance and selection again, this model is suitable for removing iron ilmenite, hematite iron, iron chromite, rutile In addition to iron, monazite iron, lithium iron limestone, iron and manganese ore, gold ore iron, scandium, iron ore and bauxite in addition to iron. Is energy-efficient processing equipment, in particular, it showed his unique advantages in large-scale production.