Mining development aim?

In 2020 to the overall goal is: a basic security system security, stability, economic resources, basic forming an efficient, environmentally friendly, mines and harmonious green mining development mode, basic build unified open, competitive and orderly and dynamic system of modern mining market, significantly improve the quality of mining development and benefit, resource security and mining development new pattern. Specific include five aspects:


One is the foundation to consolidate domestic resources. Prospecting breakthrough new results were obtained in action, form a batch of important strategic mineral resources in the area. Important mineral resources reserves to maintain steady growth, strive to newly discovered 5 ~ 8 YiDunJi oilfield and 5 ~ 10 one hundred billion level gas field, new discovery and evaluation of large and medium-sized mines, 300 ~ 400. Keep oil reserve-production ratio in more than 12, gas the reserve-production ratio up to 30.





Second, the mineral resources supply maintain security and stability. 103 energy resources base construction, delimit the mining area, 267 state planning strategic minerals such as iron, copper, bauxite, potassium supply ability strengthened domestic security. Designated 28 mining area, which are of important value to the national economy to strengthen the important mineral protection and reserves.


The third is the protection and rational utilization of resources and environment were significantly improved. Further development and utilization of layout optimization, the mine scale intensive degree increased significantly, the proportion of large and medium-sized mines more than 12%. Saving and comprehensive utilization level increased significantly, the main mineral resources productivity increased by 15%. Mineral resources development to effectively control, environmental impact of the development area of ecological environmental degradation, environmental quality not decline. To effectively protect and mine geological environment treatment, complete 500000 hectares of mine geological environment treatment recovery tasks left over by history.




Four is a new situation was created in mining international cooperation. And the construction of infrastructure, the international cooperation capacity, cooperation to promote domestic and overseas oil, iron, copper, bauxite, potassium and other large mines exploration development. Cultivate a batch of internationally competitive large multinational mining group, perfect mining international cooperation platform and service safeguard mechanism, initially formed to adapt themselves to the economic development of our country’s global mining cooperation system.

Five is mining industry innovation and development ability and improved. Order of oil and gas exploration and development market, further expand the scope of competitive transfer of mining right, sharply down mining right the examination and approval authority, set up a national rights and interests of gold mineral resources system, a sound system of mining right person credit constraints supervision. Mining capital market, the system of mining right market and other modern market will be further improved. Mineral resources, mineral resources legal system to be more perfect management system and management ability of major progress was made in modernization. A new breakthrough in resources development and utilization of scientific and technological innovation.