Mining Circle “Electronic Business Festival” to help solve the plight of mining development

Mineral resources industry in the industry’s most upstream, but it is a very large industry. Mining not only has 230 minerals, and each ore has at least five upstream and downstream, which composed of thousands of industry matrix, the formation of millions of enterprises and tens of millions of individual industrial system, the global turnover of each year It is up to 30 trillion yuan or more.However, the face of modern today, there are special distribution of mining scattered, the industry is particularly difficult, especially the plight of the service.


In addition

Most of the mines are located in the remote areas of western China, with high technical requirements, poor information and scattered procurement. The majority of the mines are supplied with a large number of mines, which have a large number of sub-industries and a large number of upstream and downstream industries. Located in the eastern region, each province has industrial clusters, also contributed to its supply dispersion.



In terms of trade, mining is a large number of products, the most important logistics, the most standard products, the transaction is currently a Red Sea; mining is also from the original system of modern transformation, the traditional industry ideas are more closed; Mining trends, but because of political, cultural, language differences, internationalization more difficult.



The mining industry hundreds of chain, millions of enterprises, industry dynamics and other information is extremely scattered. Mining industry is more closed, the enterprise information island, the industry exchange is not enough, poor communication channels. Mining services, the industry did not form a perfect service system.


Therefore, the global mining urgent need for new business model to change their difficult situation. In the Internet + wave, through the Internet information flow, logistics, capital flow interaction, to achieve industry-wide supply system reform, rapid link production enterprises and demand enterprises, greatly reduce the transaction costs, increase industry turnover, enhance the overall industrial chain And the core competitiveness of enterprises, will form a new mineral resources production, sales and service industry system.


It is reported that the mining circle held the world’s first “double twelve” electronic business section, brought together the world’s thousands of suppliers and buyers through the deposit doubled, limited time discount, long-term agreement three ways to deal as many as hundreds of varieties, only To the mining industry grinding ball for a day-to-day consumables, for example, December 12, the day of the Electrical Festival on the mining circle, the platform assembled hundreds of steel ball suppliers, brought together dozens of large domestic mining enterprises buyers , The day the amount of steel procurement exceeded 20,000 tons, the transaction amounted to more than 100 million yuan.

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