It is rust that destroys the iron mining

Because iron mines, steel mills often large scale, involving a wide range of population, so the corresponding acute environmental problems. inherently fragile mountain ecosystems, destruction of vegetation in these areas will inevitably lead to soil erosion and risks caused by landslides.



To solve environmental problems, you first need attention is the reclamation work by reducing the area of rehabilitation, reduce pollution in the Tangshan region has carried out research tailings reclamation technology, the rationale for the rule tailings inclusion process so that mining, dressing, row, complex soil and vegetation to form a more complete cycle of mining reclamation work processes. after a three-year test in four reclamation reclamation mode, small iron ore in Tangshan reclamation of 1345.9hm2, reclamation rate reached 30.26 percent, reclamation economic benefits 15.5 million yuan, 196,000 yuan in plant efficiency. this test is Anshan iron Mine dump, tail Mining and reclamation processing and provided technical way.


Second, comprehensive utilization of waste rock or tailings to be carried out. Many of our iron ore deposit are comprehensive, waste rock or tailings often contain a variety of useful components recovered and extract the useful components, not only in economic revenue, but also can reduce the waste rock and tailings pollution of the environment. Panzhihua iron ore annual output of 13.5 million t, while iron ore tailings and from a variety of useful recovered vanadium, titanium, cobalt, scandium and rare the value of iron ore accounted for only 38.6% of the total value, and the value from the tailings comprehensive recovery of vanadium pentoxide, sulfur, cobalt ore, titanium ore, scandium oxide and other products accounted for more than 60%. Again Meishan iron mine, the mine is buried centralized, large reserves, high grade large-scale underground mining of iron mines, iron ore annual output of 2 million t. Since the sulfur content of the ore is about 2.5%, direct blending and sintering, atmospheric pollution caused by sulfur dioxide and large areas of farmland harm and affect sinter quality. Shanghai Meishan Metallurgical Company full use of resources with fine sulfur mine beneficiation byproducts sand production of sulfuric acid as a carry out comprehensive utilization and deep processing, a good way to improve the economic utilization of mineral processing their own advantages, the roasting waste into high-grade iron ore for iron sintering;. use of its waste water as beneficiation circulating water to add water , so that the “three wastes” digestion in the production process, turning waste into treasure, of harm into. sulfuric acid emissions due to the selection of the “two turn two suction” technology leaving emissions below national standards, the production of the finished product reaches national product quality standard level. press the annual output of 20,000 t of sulfuric acid meter, can produce 21 000 t sulfuric acid residue, sulfuric acid residue only economic benefits, which amounts to an annual 2.31 million yuan.



Future resource development and environmental protection must coordinate the development of enterprises in the construction, expansion and renovation process to strictly enforce the “three simultaneous” to avoid new sources of pollution. A region in the formulation of economic and social development plan, must follow the “economic construction, urban and rural construction, environmental construction synchronized planning, implementation and simultaneous development of “three simultaneous approach.