Improve the quality of mining development to shape the new pattern of energy industry

In the thirth Five-Year Plan period, China’s resource security situation is still grim, the total resources are large, but the per capita resources are low. change.”National Mineral Resources Planning (2016-2020)” proposed to accelerate the adjustment of exploration and development layout and mining green development. Zhao Long said that the strict access management, delineation of 267 national planning mines and 28 of the national economy has important value of the mining area, promote the development of mineral resources and effective protection. Comprehensively promote green exploration, green mining and green mining development demonstration area construction. Vigorously promote the conservation of mineral resources, intensive and comprehensive utilization, to ensure that the end of the planning of major mineral resources output rate increased by 15%. Completed 500,000 hectares of historical mining geological environment and land reclamation. Nationwide, there is a need to promote the harmonization of resource development with regional development.


To enhance the vitality of mining development, the need to comprehensively deepen the management reform, including the adjustment of decentralization of mineral rights examination and approval authority; to expand the scope of competitive mining rights transfer.According to the plan, by 2020 China will basically build a unified and open, competitive and orderly, dynamic modern mining market system. China will build 103 energy resources base. In the layout of the productive forces, infrastructure construction, resource allocation, major project set up, financial capital investment and related industrial policies to give priority support and protection. The completion of these bases will also help shape the new pattern of energy development.


“13th Five-Year Plan” development of mineral resources, the focus is to green clean development, including such as natural gas, coal-bed methane, shale gas, geothermal, nuclear use of uranium, these resources are low-carbon or zero carbon emissions, The significance of our environmental protection is very significant. The transformation of China’s economic structure depends on the transformation of energy structure to drive, and the transformation of the energy structure must have sufficient clean mineral resources to carry out basic construction. In this construction process, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of society to increase the reserve capacity of these resources. In this release of the “plan”, the geothermal and other resources are also included in the list, so that more enterprises from the original coal and other polluting energy to some of the more clean energy. Only through such a transformation can the environment be adequately governed in order to make our business in the future development of the initiative.


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