Green mining is the only way for the development of mining enterprises

Mining companies and industry associations in the common understanding, how to do a good job of mining development and environmental protection is a problem. It is a new topic for China’s mining industry to transform the mined abandoned area into a real green mining area, but it is also an inevitable choice for China’s mining industry to develop today.


In the short term, green mining construction increased the input and cost of enterprises. But in the long run, mining enterprises through the integration of resources, technology innovation, can significantly enhance their market competitiveness and resource use efficiency, thereby greater savings in business costs and improve efficiency. Green mine is an important brand that embodies the resource utilization and comprehensive management ability of mining enterprises. It is also a “green label” for enterprise financing listing and going overseas.


At present, China is in the industrialization and urbanization to accelerate the development of the critical period of increased demand for rigid resources, increasing environmental pressure. Through the open source to cut expenditure, the high efficiency use, constructs the green mine, becomes the transformation mining development way, the construction resource conservation and the environment friendly society inevitable request. November 29 this year, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued the “National Mineral Resources Planning (2016-2020)” stressed the need to comprehensively promote the green exploration, green mining and green mining development demonstration area, accelerate the transformation of resource use and mining development.


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