Gold into the bottom rebound gold mining enterprises brewing overseas mergers and acquisitions

Gold bottomed out into the “window period”, domestic enterprises overseas “gold” also undercurrent surging. Reporter learned from the 2016 China International Gold Conference, various gold mining enterprises are actively planning the layout of overseas resources, “13th Five-Year” or will become a key period of domestic gold enterprise resource expansion.


“China Gold Group will accelerate the pace of going out, accelerate the build a number of overseas projects, is expected to become a new bright spot in the 45.” China National Gold Group Corporation Deputy General Manager Liu Bing said, “to continue to optimize the layout of the overseas, and comprehensively improve the level of internationalization.” in April 2016, China Gold confirmed the acquisition of Eldorado Gold Corporation’s in the south of Guizhou Province of China Jinfeng gold mine in 82% of the equity, completed the largest enterprises cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Data shows, the mine has proven gold reserves of about 52.8 tons, length of service for 14 years.


The gold industry and overseas mining mergers and acquisitions are “Belt and Road Initiative” strategic merger. Public data shows, “The Belt and Road along the country’s gold reserves total 21 thousand tons, accounting for 40% of total global reserves of more than 80% of the global manufacturing industry, gold with gold are concentrated in this area. Not only is China companies need” go out, the overseas market also needs China investment. Analysis of Shandong gold group vice president of Qilu mining division Zhuang Wenguang: “is the value of our foreign capital, once opened the mining investment “The Belt and Road”, will pull along the national economy”.


In the face of gold “The Belt and Road” enormous potential, led by the Shanghai gold exchange, gold hill Capital Management Holdings Limited, Shaanxi Gold Group jointly Industrial Bank and other major domestic financial institutions jointly set up a special fund for the Silk Road Silk Road Gold Fund “, the fund plan amounted to 100 billion yuan, period of 5-7 years. Through the operation of the market, to include geological exploration, mining, smelting, gold sales, leasing gold, gold trade and investment, the system of integrated industrial chain.


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