Fushan District Xinhai mineral equipment: the wind Internet extension of the industrial chain

From the traditional mining machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide one-stop service for the mining enterprises to achieve the whole industry chain of customized service providers, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. to take advantage of Internet marketing, successfully opened the international market, welcome To a new development opportunities.


In recent years, the domestic mining market remains in the doldrums, mining equipment manufacturing industry is also faced with overcapacity, profit reduction, lack of work and other unfavorable situation, mining equipment manufacturing industry has become the country to capacity, to adjust the inventory industry. However, the reporter recently Xinhai ore installed in the production workshop to see, companies are working at full capacity to produce overtime, and even the factory compound are filled with the finished product will soon be sent equipment. Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. Han Qing Wang, director of administrative operations, told reporters that this is their preparation for an EPC project to Chile equipment, a ball mill, a mobile crusher, the total value of the project in more than 1200 million about.


More busy than the production workshop is the company’s e-commerce and international sales center, every day here with the Beijing branch of the 130 employees on the Internet at any time with the rest of the world’s users to communicate. E-commerce to Xinhai in Africa, South America, Central Asia and other infrastructure development in developing countries to open the market. Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Yunlong talked about the beginning of the development of the company, feeling quite deep, he said, Xinhai company from 2012 to set up an e-commerce team, using the Internet to provide a package of services, They have a piece of e-commerce business team of 130 people, and e-commerce that a business they have now stripped, set up a new company called “Xin Internet”, the company will have to start next year, two international vertical business platform .


The traditional manufacturing business riding the Internet Dongfeng opened the international market, Xinhai companies began to work hard in the extension of the industrial chain, with many years of technical accumulation, Xinhai in supporting services to achieve the explosive growth in profits. At present, including design research, machinery manufacturing, installation and commissioning, civil construction and so extends the entire service chain, the traditional machinery manufacturing share of less and less, the company expects this year’s machinery manufacturing can account for sales of six percent Ten or so.


In March this year, Xinhai successfully landed a new board, with the support of the capital market, enterprises have entered a rapid development of the fast lane. The success of e-commerce, and did not make Xinhai people overheated, over the years, they have been sustained investment in innovation, and achieved good results. At present, the company has mine Research Institute, Mine Design Institute, Mechanical Design Institute, has been close to hundreds of patents. Xinhai currently has its own core intellectual property rights, access to 22 patents have been authorized, including nine invention patents, 13 utility model patents, in addition to 15 invention patents into the review stage. Technological innovation and business model innovation “two wings”, so Xinhai mine equipment to the benign development of the fast lane.


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