Chinese mining industry usher in the best period of foreign investment

This year, the world economic recovery difficult and twists and turns, the international market demand remains in the doldrums, the world investment into a new stage of uncertainty increases, which also brought uncertainty to the mining investment.At the 2016 (the fourth) International Mining Development Forum held on December 8, experts said that under the dual pressures of meeting the peak demand of resources and facing the adjustment of the industry, the global oversupply of mineral products will continue, The next three to five years the price will continue relatively low. At the same time, with the “all the way along the” initiative to promote and promote the development of China’s industrial maneuvers to increase space, China’s mining industry usher in the best period of foreign investment.


Mining “winter” will continue

For the current and future situation of mining development for some time, China Minmetals Chemical Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce President Chen Feng said at the meeting this year, international commodity markets, including mineral products generally warmer, the overall price experienced a rapid rise from the fall to stabilize the process . Looking ahead to 2017, the world economic and trade situation is still complex and severe, uncertainties increased, the commodity market prices will continue in the slow rise in the shock situation.


“Going out” to seek a breakthrough transformation

In the global mineral products prices down, business difficulties, mining capital chain is not smooth circumstances, the experts suggested that China’s mineral resources-related enterprises should seize the current favorable opportunity to actively “go out”, the acquisition or acquisition of foreign resources quality High, large-scale companies, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises.


The experts also on the current mining enterprises “going out” in the process of the problems were analyzed. Experts believe that many mining investment failure is largely in the mining investment value of the understanding and judgment on the more extensive, the investment of countries and regions of the national conditions and social environment is not enough. Experts suggest that to judge the value of the mine, not only to listen to the views of geological and mining experts, but also listen to the law, policy, ecology, environment, religion, community and other aspects of economic, environmental and social harmony.


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