China ‘s mineral resources and comprehensive utilization of new features

Since 2015, with the world economy and the depth adjustment of the domestic economy, China’s economic development mode to accelerate the transformation of new growth momentum is nurturing the formation. Saving and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources is to implement the party’s Eighth Fifth Plenary Session of the “full conservation and efficient use of resources,” the spirit of the mining sector to speed up the construction of ecological civilization an important measure. In China’s economic development into the new normal, demand for mineral products down, prices continued to fall under the circumstances, mineral resources, conservation and comprehensive utilization of new features.


First, exploration of mineral resources into the West and focus on large resources, mining development and utilization of standards to enhance the production structure optimization. The exploration into rational, the western region has become a hot investment viagra sans ordonnance in mining. In 2015, the total exploration investment in China was 31.081 billion yuan, down 11.9 percent year on year. The number of exploration projects in western China accounted for about two-thirds of the national total, and the survey area and input accounted for about three-quarters of the national total. Gold, copper, lead, iron, coal, etc. is still a hot mineral exploration, the exploration project, exploration area and exploration investment accounted for more than 2/3 of the total.


Second, technological innovation and model optimization, the effective use of mineral resources to change ways to enhance the efficient use of resources, mine potential. Up to now, the Ministry of Land and Resources has been selected in batches and promote the 210 mineral resources conservation and comprehensive utilization of advanced and applicable technologies, Development and 4 major comprehensive utilization of new industrial development model to explore the transformation of mining and resource use of new ways.


Third, the rational use of secondary resources, increasing the effective supply of recycled products at the same time, promote the construction of ecological civilization in mining areas.


Fourth, by the impact of the mining market down, the comprehensive utilization of output value decreased significantly. Comprehensive utilization of production value refers to the mining enterprises are recycling of associated minerals, tailings and residual minerals and other minerals sales.


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