2016 International Mining Development Summit held in Beijing

To the mining economic transformation and “along the way” opportunities for the theme of the 2016 International Mining Development Forum on December 8 held in Beijing. The experts believe that under the new normal demand for mineral resources in China is from full high-speed growth to low-speed, differentiated growth.


Since the new century, due to China’s rapid industrialization, bringing the world to iron, copper and aluminum as the representative of the rapid growth of large mineral resources consumption. China’s economy has entered a new normal, China’s demand for mineral resources from full high-speed growth to low-speed, differentiated growth changes: resource demand structure is undergoing significant changes, changes in supply of resources, secondary resources in the increase in resource utilization of space structure In the transfer, the global allocation of resources, international cooperation in production capacity of the mining made new demands. However, the huge population of China’s huge demand for mineral resources this trend will not change the long-term, lack of resources of the basic national conditions exist for a long time, the domestic iron ore supply is not optimistic; energy is the top priority of resource security, 2030 China’s energy demand Will reach its peak, while China’s serious shortage of high-quality energy; the next 10 years most of the major mineral demand will peak, to meet the resource needs of the “peak” and the pressure of industrial restructuring.


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The consumption of mineral resources is still at a high level and will continue for a period of time; the supply and demand fundamentals of major minerals in the world are still in the ascendant phase, and the consumption of mineral resources is still at a high level in spite of the slowdown in the growth of mineral consumption. On the oversupply situation has been formed, the global price of mineral products into the decline in the channel, the lack of support for the return of the price; proposed mining companies to strive to reduce costs, fully tap the technological advantages, intensive, green development, comprehensive utilization;  Shutting down the poor quality of resources, small scale, serious pollution of small and medium-sized mines, stripping bad assets, seize the favorable opportunity to acquire mergers and acquisitions, enhance international competitiveness; to actively “go out” to share the follow-up industrialized countries in the process of industrialization of resources ” Strengthen the strategy of emerging mineral exploration, evaluation, mineral processing, separation processing technology research, strengthen the strategy of emerging minerals, especially the small and medium-sized mineral mineral exploration and evaluation, mineral processing, separation processing technology research, strengthen non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, Metal materials research, for 2025 in China and into the post-industrial development stage to do a good job of technical preparation; mineral resources “going out” in the national management level should strengthen the coordination and selection of good destination; iron ore resources to pay more attention Overseas; “going out” should pay attention to the mining project investment value of the judgment and control; to strengthen confidence continue to take the road of international mining.